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Applied Spirit Science

We can read, study, and discuss the books of Kardec and books by other Spiritist authors until we have every word memorized, but are we applying this knowledge to change our inner selves?

If we are learning and using what we are reading, then each of us must do no wrong and, do as much good as we are able, each according to our capabilities. The aim of learning about the Spiritist Doctrine is moral self-improvement: in thought, word, and deed. This means we must act and change; we must apply what we learn. We may be able to fool those around us but we cannot fool God or our spirit guides regarding our intentions in these areas. As Spiritists, we cannot plead ignorance of spiritual laws upon our return to the spirit world.

Over 145 years ago, when Kardec was observing the phenomena of mediumship, and so-called psychic phenomena, it was very new and many people in the world had no idea regarding its most basic of spiritual concepts. Superstition abounded! Now, most people logically believe: that we each have a soul; in the existence of a spirit world; in the faculty of mediumship; and that the inhabitants in the material world can make contact with the inhabitants in the spirit world. What they DO NOT necessarily know about is the complex philosophical, psychological, moral, scientific, and religious ramifications behind these phenomena. And, they may not know about them unless we do our part to teach them; but not only through reading and study of the Doctrine, it will be more importantly taught through the application of its principles. We must not only instruct people’s minds but we must also touch their hearts!

Kardec came to earth for the mission of scientifically studying and codifying what can be called the basic knowledge of these
natural spiritual laws. It is our mission now to apply them as best we can and instruct others in this application. We are all imperfect but, if our intentions are sincere and serious, we will be rewarded. Will we make mistakes? Of course, because we are mere mortals! But, to wait until the relative perfection of the human race to apply spiritual laws we already know about is ludicrous. We must have confidence in ourselves and in our spirit guides and above all, faith in the Creator. 

How do we apply spirit science?

We, on an individual level, try to improve in our own conduct and de-materialize ourselves as much as possible because this helps to transform and evolve our souls.

If we are mediums: we study, properly orientate ourselves, and use our faculty to help ourselves first, then others.

If we feel capable, we open Spiritist Centers to conduct study groups, healing sessions, and spirit communication sessions. We need to apply that knowledge we have, to assist and instruct all those in need of learning about “the whys and wherefores of Life.” We do not have to have college degrees or study Spiritism for many, many years in order to accomplish these activities; having basic Spiritist knowledge with sincere and serious intentions is a start… and through practical experience, and with the assistance of one’s spirit guides, one learns much by doing.

The spirit session itself is the most dynamic tool in which Spiritists can apply spirit science. The spiritual dynamics between director, mediums, and attendees working in total harmony (with their counterparts in the spirit world) can touch the hearts and souls of all involved. One short moment, wherein a person can speak to a dear loved who has disincarnated (through a medium’s faculties) who they thought lost, can provide more spiritual sustenance, inner solace, and proof of the afterlife than that person reading ten chapters from The Spirits Book. Forever, that person’s life has been changed, for their very soul has been touched! Through the spirit session, spirits communicating through mediums bring: spiritual consolation, magnetic healing, spiritual guidance, tremendous inspiration, and provide to those who need it, proof of the afterlife and proof that death is only a change of residence. There can also be assistance given to those disorientated in the spirit world from us here in the material world. The spirit session provides to all of us a small view in a window into the spirit world where each of us have come from and (by studying the various types of spirit communications received) we learn of the different possible types of conditions which may await us upon our eventual return to that world. How intriguing, interesting, and beautiful! I have been a medium for over 22 years and have co-run a Spiritist Center for over 23 years and I learn something new at each spirit session. I have experienced and seen such wonderful reactions and experiences by persons in attendance, myself in my own Center, as well as in others I have visited.  

It is so sad to be contacted by so many people who have the faculty of mediumship but have no where to practice it; by those with spiritual problems with no where to go; and by those who need consolation in knowing that their loved ones still exist and cannot relieve their grief; and by those who are terrified of death.

I can only speak about what is happening in the
United States and I see many groups emerging wherein people seek communication with the spirit world. People watch  popular mediums on TV, go to their seminars, and make arrangements for private sittings with them at exorbitant fees; there are The Conversation with God groups (based on the popular books); there are many “development circles” being established through the avenues of Buddhism, American Indian lore, Wicca and pagan rites and rituals; there are the Spiritualist churches; The Science of the Mind groups; The Course in Miracles groups; and many, many other groups, some with quite a mixture of different beliefs. All are searching for spiritual truths by applying the laws of spirit science the only way they know, for the physical sciences have not answered their questions about the purpose of life and have left their soul feeling cold.

The time is here and now, more than ever before, as it was said in the Bible:

 “And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of My Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of My Spirit; and they shall prophesy.” (Acts, 2: 17 & 18)           

Yvonne Limoges – Editor


  Source: The Spiritist Messenger, 12th Year, Number 52, July 2004