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Blind Faith or Faith Through Reasoning

A person who was raised to believe that Christ died for their sins, and accepting Him as their personal Savior will save them and guarantee they go to heaven after they die, asked me why Spiritism is any easier to believe in than their belief system. They said one could be just as good as the other.

    My answer to their question was this: Spiritism is more open to be analyzed, researched, and subject to experimentation. Through study and the use of one's reason, enough information could be acquired for a person to come to a conclusion as to whether sufficient proof had been given that could convince a person that the basic concepts of Spiritism are at least either very possible, very probable, or totally believable.

    Whereas, Christianity depends totally on blind belief in the Bible as the Word of God and official church explanations which demand the person to accept things without being able to investigate anything. I have found that many people who allege they are Christian do not usually believe the Bible literally. To me this is an indication of much doubt. They pick and choose what they want to believe in. Is the Bible the true and Holy Word of God, or not? If it is, how can one honestly pick and choose and be faithful to one's belief? Many Christian still do not find comfort in their belief when tragedy strikes. One would think that a religion should provide answers to Life's inequities, and provide security and comfort to those in suffering, with strong faith in the Supreme Justice of God.

    On the other hand, Spiritism allows for constant investigation. If a person is honest and sincere in their search to discover what it is all about, through reading, study, and attending a good Spiritist Center, I believe, that the majority of these people will eventually come away with information which will have themselves saying that the concepts are reasonable, and also, that they will eventually receive certain proofs, which at the very least, will make them strongly question their previous belief system, if not provide sufficient evidence that Spiritism is indeed very credible. But the person must be willing to truly and sincerely take the time to do this investigation with an open mind. Jesus said, "Seek and ye shall find." That is good advice. Spiritists also tell those who are studying the science and religious philosophy of Spiritism, to only accept what you find is reasonable and reject what you don't.

    Mankind should seek to find the answers to the purpose of their lives, and why and how they are to conduct themselves, and to know the purpose of suffering. Why? So that one can feel secure and comforted with knowledge of the Divine Justice of God, amidst all the trials and tribulations of this earthly life. There is much superstitious belief in the world and reason will eventually prevail. The supernatural does not exist, they are only natural laws not yet fully understood. Spiritists believe God gave us our reason to find out knowledge of these natural laws, and the more mankind evolves, the more it will discover, learn, and comprehend them.

Yvonne Limoges
Editor GEAE and Director of The Spiritist Society of Florida

Source: The Spiritist Messenger, 15th Year, Number 87, September 2007