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During our lives, we experience a wide variety of feelings, wishing and repelling endless actions. For each step, different feelings are being modified. For some, pride, vanity and hate are common feelings. For others, humility, respect and love are nutrients necessary for life.

In fact, everything goes for the enhancement of human, replacing negative feelings by the noblest. It is the perpetual evolution of the spirit. Some hate while others are indifferent. There are those who tolerate, but fortunately there are a lot of people who love and embrace the solidarity and fraternity continuously. There is no person who is born and remains eternal in the same spiritual stage. We are all equal created by God, without disadvantage or privilege, turning our feelings through personal struggle, step by step, one by one, shedding tears and smiling in happy times.

Love, therefore, appears to be the final stage of eternal happiness. Thus, we can not feel the full love, without first transforming all existing feelings in the lower spheres of the human being, when your real birth, ie, when the creation of the Spirit.

Love is something sublime. It is dedication, humility, understanding, work on the path of goodness and brotherhood and, absence of any negative feelings.

The love between two people is not different from that individual. The only caveat is the existing living at the time. The greater the capacity for loving each, the greater the bond strength between them. Union generated by own mutual love, becoming the greatest happiness and the growing desire to prolong and perpetuate in time. This stage however is not made from one day to another. It is a long and arduous journey along the many reincarnations. But it exists, regardless of whether we wish to or not.

The love between the two is like an orchestra with dozens of instruments, each playing an important role in the performance of music. There are not two instruments equally played as there are differences in feelings of each musician who moves to its melody. The beautiful and sublime music should be heard in all its fullness of each instrument tuned and played by each musician with love as the perfect feeling of the composer. A single tuneless instrument can not generate the overall beauty harmony that can only be noticed by those who are already in the upper state to be able to feel the presence of a single instrument out of tune. Others do not even notice the lack of many tuneless instruments and the higher the amount of such instruments, higher is the disharmony melody. So, true love between two persons comes up with the harmony of pure feelings between them. This placed before the eternity, the full love not only results between two, but among many, depending on the infinite coexistence, as we always will live in community.

This analogy is not enough, because the material influence in our true understanding. But we need to fine tune all our instruments, ie, all our feelings, and there are many. However, to fine tune each of them, you need to know and learn everything about them and go tuning one by one, step by step, and each successful, the love will be felt and echoed, generating more happiness to the Spirit until the full and eternal happiness is achieved.

In search of that our self-knowledge, we expect the GEAE can contribute to follow as best as possible on this journey here on Earth, generating universal brotherhood, under the Hands of God.

Artigo traduzido publicado no Boletim GEAE 367, Outubro de 1999

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Raul Franzolin Neto

Natural de Botucatu-SP, desenvolveu sua infância e adolescência em Itatinga-SP. É Médico Veterinário e Professor Titular aposentado da USP. Escritor espírita foi o fundador do GeaE - primeiro grupo espírita da internet. Atualmente é o editor principal e webdesigner da página do GeaE.